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Guardianship of a Minor Child

A guardianship exists when an adult who is not the child’s parent is appointed by the court to care for the child’s person and property. If you are appointed as the legal guardian of a child, you will have the authority and obligation to make decisions affecting the care, education, medical treatment and supervision of the child.

When a guardianship is established, the parents’ rights to the care, supervision, and custody of the child are temporarily suspended. However, the parents may have the right to reasonable visitation with the child as well as an obligation to pay child support to the guardian.

Generally, the court will appoint you as guardian of a child if the parent or parents are unable or unwilling to exercise their parental rights or if the parents voluntarily consent to the guardianship. The court will grant a guardianship if it is shown that appointment of the guardian serves in the best interest of the child.

A court can appoint you to be the legal guardian of a child if you are a relative, friend of the family or if the court considers you suitable to raise the child.

With a guardianship, parents still have parental rights and can ask the court for reasonable contact with the child. The court can end the guardianship if the parents become able or willing to care for the child.

Let us help you through the complicated process of establishing a guardianship for your grandchild or close relative when the child’s natural parents are unable to properly care for their child.

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